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Redfish wins GovHack 2013 national awards

All over Australia, hundreds of hackers came together in June to create new mashups, data visualisations and apps with Gov data. Redfish built BrisBert together with team members from Red Hat and Klyp. BrisBert ...


Software Development

Embedded Software

Redfish has a long history of developing embedded applications under Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and Embedded Linux. Development areas include: Device Drivers, USB, Networking, Bluetooth, Voice over IP (VOIP), Industrial Control, Signal Processing, Gaming and Saftey Critical Design.


Application Software

We have a dedicated team of software professionals working on desktop and server applications using the following technologies: Linux and Windows services, Client/Server architectures, Protocol Development, Automated Testing, Databases, Scalable Architectures (asynchronous IO). GUI development using Qt and .NET. Python integration with Boost.Python.


Web and Mobility

To manage embedded devices we develop web-based applications with HTML, JS and CSS. We typically develop with Python frameworks (pyramid, bottle) or C++ depending on the target platform and requirements. We have experience with Twitter bootstrap, jquery and other Javascript frameworks (Sencha etc). We also develop for iOS and Android platforms, including communications platforms with low energy bluetooth.


Product Development

Custom Hardware

We develop microprocessor-based designs for low-power embedded systems from tiny sensors through to high-performance networking platforms and industrial touchscreen systems. Typically these designs include application domain specific components, such as 3G/2G module integration or signal processing for precision measurement. These days we tend to stick with either ARM, PowerPC and on occasion we use FPGA's. The industrial design and manufacturing process is typically performed in conjunction with our partners.


Agile Project Management

Our project management is typically based on Agile Methodologies, and we currently use Scrum with sprints between 1 and 3 weeks. For projects that require other approaches to design and implementation, Saftey Critical Design for example, we use the standard Waterfall model with formal specifications and documentation.


Embedded Linux Solutions

Porting of Linux to custom platforms Linux device drivers Embedded linux application development Custom embedded linux platform development (hardware and software)


"Systems architecture is the key to successful product development"

Justin Clacherty Redfish CEO